Sebo Disco Floor Polisher Attachment

Product Specification



£190.08 (Including VAT)

Sebo Disco Floor Polisher Attachment

Product code: SEBDARTUHSA(5045175171365)

  • Brilliant performance on hard floors. Easy and efficient.
  • It has never been easier to make hard floors look good.
  • With the DISCO polisher attachment it is the perfect choice to maintain hard floors, making them easy to clean, longer lasting and giving them a beautiful gloss finish.
  • Because the DISCO fits to the suction part of the FELIX it will vacuum and polish at the same time. The powerful suction removes fine particles leaving the floor dust-free, whilst the highly efficient 2000U/min ultra high speed floor polisher creates a brilliant gloss surface.
  • The result is a spotlessly clean floor which shines.
  • User friendly design.
  • Innovative technology for perfect results.
  • Easy movement.
  • Automatic floor adjustment.
  • Wall and furniture protection.
  • Automatic height adjustment.
  • Flex neck.
  • Automatic shut off.
  • All round protection.
  • 3 Castor design with 360 degrees rotation.
  • Quick release floor pad.
  • SEBO pad technology.
  • Fits the models: Felix, K3 Premium, D4 Premium.
  • (This model is the silver/grey colour-NOT black as in picture-we can get black, contact us for this).
  • This does not come with the vacuum, see realted items below for this.
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Sebo Disco Floor Polisher Attachment

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