Bosch Dust Bags Type D, Type E, Type F

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Bosch Dust Bags Type D, Type E, Type F

Product code: SDB71(BAG21)

ACTIVA, SOLIDA 1 SERIES, BBS1011, BBS1131, ALPHA, 2200, 2210, 2220, ALPHA 2 SERIES, BBS2012, BBS2015, BBS2112, BBS2011, BBS2432, BBS2471, SILENCE 1300, EXCELLENCE 1300, BBZ22AF, OPTIMA 5 SERIES, BBS5522, BBS5061, BBS5522, BBS5501, BBS5812, BBS5000, BBS5213, BBS5813, vs50, vs52, vs58, vs5000, vs5200, vs5201, vs5211, vs5213, vs5800, vs5813, vs720, vs723, vs7102, vs7111, vs7112, vs7131, x9250, alpha 31, type B & C,  Type D, Type E, Type F.
  • Dust Bags, these pattern/copy pack of 5 dust bags are great quality vacuum bags. 
  • Buy more for a bulk discount.
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